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                                 Dr. P. N. Hari Kumar  Dr. P. N. Hari Kumar , M.Com, MPhil (Finan...
Head of the Department

Department of Commerce & Tourism

There is really no discipline that is more tightly intertwined

The Post-Graduate Department of Commerce started functioning with B.Com aided programme in the year 1993. M.Com and MTA self financing courses were started in 2002 and 2003 respectively. M. Com (aided) and B.Com with computer application programme were sanctioned in 2013. In addition to this, the department has an MOU with the Government of Kerala to conduct computer training programmes of certificate and diploma courses, approved by Kerala Public Service Commission. The Department organised 5 national workshops on Research Methodology in Commerce and Management was sponsored by UGC and ICSSR. Besides the department organised a national seminar on BUSINESS FINANCE with the accademic collaboration of PUNJABI University, Patiala, Punjab. Two faculty members have completed Minor Research Projects sponsored by UGC. Moreover, this department is the only department in the affiliated colleges of Mahatma Gandhi University publishing an international Journal, “COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT EXPLORER”

The department also offers Certificate Course in Communicative English and Accounting packages like Tally etc Collaboration and certificate course viz,PGDCA,ADCFA,DEO, in computer technology and Department has also undertaken Computer studies in collaboration with IT Mission of Kerala (Rutronix), which offers P.G.Diploma, Diploma Certificate course in DTP.

Courses Of Department

B.Com. (Aided)

Finance & Taxation

B.Com.(Un Aided)

Computer Application

M.Com. (Aided)

Financial Management

M.Com (Un Aided)

With additional Diploma in Communicative English and Accounting Package

M.T.A. (Un Aided)

With additional Diploma in Communicative English and Accounting Package

Certificate Course in Communicative English and Accounting Packages

CThe Course with duration of 250 hrs gives Importance to the development of communicative skills and accounting packages (Tally 6.3 version)ertificate Course in Communicative English and Accounting Packages



Dr. P. N. Hari Kumar

Head Of The Department

M.Com, MPhil (Finance), PhD (HR), MBA(HR &Marketing), PhD (Marketing) specialisation- Finance, HR, Marketing, Strategic Management, Applied Statistics (Manag)

04734-227639, 9447304912

The Department of Commerce & Tourism plans to continue with its intensive research interests alongside its regular teaching as well as to maintain, and if possible, expand areas for seminars/conferences.

Dr. Kuriakose V. Kocheril (Transferred)

M.Com., Ph.D.

Asst Professor


Mathew George


Asst Professor


Faculty Achievements

Tourism exhibition

The Department of MTA and Commerce conducted an exhibition in collaboration with KITTS and DTPC. District collector Sri. Sanjay Kumar, Mr. Varghese Punnen, Prof. Wilson Koshy Prof.G.John, Prof. Mohan Varghese, Prof. A V Thomas spoke on the Inaugural session. Several students from nearby schools and colleges and Business people have participated in the exhibition.

Inauguration of Entrepreneurship development club

The club initiates the venture of manufacturing ecofriendly paperbags, cups etc. Dr.M E Kuriakose Principal KG College Pampady inaugurated this years activites of Entrepreneurship development club. Prof. Jacob mathew, MOC Secretary, Sri.Abraham Mathew Veerapplly, Fr.Roy.P.Thomas ,MOC Governing board members and Prof.Wilson Koshy spoke on the occasion.

National workshop on Data analysis in Social Science Research

National workshop on Data Analysis in Social Sciences was organized on Ist and 2nd march 2011 under the auspices of Dept of commerce and MG University. Dr.Kalyana Raman was the chief resource person. The Workshop was inaugurated by H.G Kuriakose Mar Clemis Metropolitan . Dr.George varughese Koppara, Principal of the college presided over the function. Dr.M.E Kuriakose Principal, KG College pampady, Prof G John Bursar, Dr.George Koshy Member Local Managing Committee spoke on the occasion. 28 members from various colleges participated in the two day workshop.

Extension activities

  • Paper carry bag manufacturing,
  • Refreshment Stall(C-Hut)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC)
  • Photostat
  • DTP

Members in Board of studies

  • Prof.A.V.Thomas (P.G)
  • Dr.P.N.Harikumar (P.G)


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Papers Accepted

  1. P.N.Harikumar, Wild Life Tourism- Wild Life Sancturies in Kerala Kurukshetra November, 2011
  2. P.N.Harikumar, Monsoon – A tourism product of Kerala Kurukshetra December, 2011
  3. P.N.Harikumar, LIC’s Social Security schemes for the Unorganised Sector Kurukshetra December, 2011.
  4. P.N.Harikumar, Leadership Styles of Women Managers in Nationalised Banks in Kerala. Vikas Vani Journal December, 2011

Project Description

Research Guide

  • Dr.P.N.Harikumar

Research Projects - Completed

  • Prof.T.I.Andrews - A study on the problems of waste management with reference to Kerala state, Rs 80,000(2011-2013.)
  • Dr.P.N.Harikumar - Solid Waste Management- A Study on the effectiveness of Municipalities in Kerala. (1st June 2009 to 30th Nov, 2010.)UGC funding of Rs 80,000.

Research Projects - Ongoing

  • Dr. Kuriakose V Kocheril - Social security schemes of LIC for the unorganized labour in Kerala(UGC funding Rs 60,000,2013-)
  • Ms.Resmi Annie Thomas - Impact of new economic policy on selected MSME sectors in Kerala(UGC funding Rs 1,400,000,2015-)

Academic Audit

Dr.johnyJohnson, School of Management studies, MG University Kottayam

Workshops/ training programmes conducted/organized by the department

  • ICSSR sponsored workshop on Multivariate Data Analysis in Social Science Research February 18-19,2014.
  • UGC sponsored National Seminar on Multivariate Analysis in Commerce and Management Research December 16-17-,2013
  • UGC sponsored two day National Seminar on Application of Statistical Techniques in Commerce and Management Research December 3-4, 2012.
  • ICSSR sponsored two day National Seminar on Application of Statistical Techniques in Social Science Research January 20-21, 2012.
  • Two day National Workshop on Data Analysis in Social Science Research, July 1-2, 2011.

Department Journal-Commerce and Management Explorer

Subscription - 13 nos

  1. The Indian Banker
  2. Indian Journal of finance
  3. Indian Journal of Marketing
  4. Economic and political weekly
  5. Indian Journal of Management
  6. Vikalpa-The journal for decision maker
  7. Indian journal of Economics and Research
  8. Commerce spectrum
  9. Indian Journal of Commerce
  10. Southern Economist
  11. Kurukshetra
  12. IIMB-Management Review
  13. Decision