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                                 Dr. Philipose Omman  Dr. Philipose Omman , M.Sc.,B.Ed,M.Phil.,P...
Head of the Department

Department Of Botany

There is really no discipline that is more tightly intertwined

The Department has started its Degree course in 1955 and P.G. in 1966. The University recognized it as a Research Centre in 1990. Since its inception, the department has maintained a very high profile in teaching and research in Kerala. The department offers Plant Genetic Resources Management as an elective paper at the Degree-level. Biotechnology is being offered as a special paper for M.Sc.

The Department has signed an MOU for collaborative research in association with Coconut Development Board for “Identification of Elite Coconut Palms in Pathanamthitta District”.

The Department has been engaging two ongoing major projects and three minor projects, funded by UGC and KSCSTE. Two major projects have been awarded by KSCSTE recently.

Department is engaging research in many advanced areas of plant science including biotechnology, plant anatomy, soil algae, soil fungi, phytoplankton, pollution assessment, mycorrhizae, mangrove biota, biodiversity etc.

The department is equipped with student and research microscopes with photographic facilities, spectrophotometer, Tissue culture laboratory, Laminar flow chambers, Electrophoretic apparatus, Digital and film cameras, Algal & Fungus culture collection centre, herbarium, Polyhouse, botanical garden for teaching and research.

Department also subscribes front line national and foreign journals in botany.

An exclusive computer laboratory with printing and scanning facilities and class room all networked and connected to WiFi are available.

Regular field trips to Western Ghats, Sea coast and institutes are conducted for on field experience.

Courses Of Department

B.Sc. Botany

Zoology and Chemistry (Elective- Plant Genetic Resource Management)

M.Sc. Botany


Ph.D. in Botany




Dr. Philipose Omman

Head Of The Department


0468-2225000, 9446708702

The Department Of Botany plans to continue with its intensive research interests alongside its regular teaching as well as to maintain, and if possible, expand areas for seminars/conferences.

Dr. Binoy T. Thomas

M.Sc., B.Ed; Ph.D

Asst Professor

0468 2222020, 9447087024

Deepthi A. S.

M.Sc., B.Ed

Asst Professor


Dr. Sajish P. R.

,M.Sc., B.Ed; PhD.

Asst Professor

0485 - 2250685, 9747553087

Dr. Nisha Joseph

M.Sc.,M. Phil, PhD

Asst Professor

04869 - 288043, 9495110887

Tinu Thomas


Asst Professor


Hima K.S.


Asst Professor

0481-2449705, 9746525200

Dr. Thomas V.P.

M. Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.

Asst Professor


Faculty Achievements

Breakthrough in Plant Science

Dr. Binoy T Thomas has made a breakthrough in algal research by the identification and naming of six new species. The new species are

  1. Chlamydomonas ovoidae Ray & Thomas sp. nov.
  2. Chlamydomonas deasonii var. micro Ray & Thomas var. nov.
  3. Cylindrocystis chavarae Ray & Thomas sp. nov.
  4. Penium gregoriouse Ray & Thomas sp.nov.
  5. Roya catholicatae Ray & Thomas sp.nov.
  6. Stichococcus thannithode Ray & Thomas sp. nov.

Dr. V. P. Thomas discovered many wild species of Gingers and cultivars.

  1. Amomum andamanicum V.P. Thomas, M. Dan & M. Sabu
  2. Amomum nilgiricum V.P. Thomas & M. Sabu
  3. Hedychium nagamiense Sanoj, M. Sabu & V.P. Thomas
  4. Amomum agastyamalayanum V.P. Thomas & M. Sabu
  5. Amomum newmanii M. Sabu & V.P. Thomas
  6. Amomum carnosum V.P. Thomas & M. Sabu
  7. Amomum sahyadricum V.P. Thomas & M. Sabu
  8. Amomum dampuianum V.P. Thomas, M. Sabu & H. Lalramnghinglova
  9. Amomum mizoramense M. Sabu, V.P. Thomas & L. Vanchhawng
  10. Amomum sabuanum V.P. Thomas, Nissar & U. Gupta
  11. Amomum meghalayense V.P. Thomas, M. Sabu & Sanoj
  12. Amomum kingii var. oblongum V.P. Thomas & M. Sabu

Publications & Seminars

The faculty members have more than 90 publications to their credit in the last five years including research articles in national and international Journals. The Department has organized 12 national seminar in different areas of Plant Sciences.

Financial Assistance

In recognition of the teaching and research achievements of department of Botany, Funds for Infrastructure in Science and Technology grant (FIST) from DST were awarded. The department has been renovated and equipped with modern scientific equipments through the above grants.

CATH Herbarium

The department herbarium is designated as Catholicate College Herbarium (CATH Herbarium), which is registered in Herbarium Index of New York Botanical Garden. It is a new initiative for identification, cataloguing and preservation of herbarium specimens.

Interdisciplinary projects

The department has been made collaborations with department of physics and jointly organizing different projects in interdisciplinary theme.

Books Published

Dr. Binoy T Thomas and Dr. V P Thomas published subject based books for the beneficial use of the students.


The DRC Lab functioning in the department serves as a backbone to the rubber growers of Pathanamthitta and neighbouring villages. The actual Dried Rubber Content (DRC) calculated by the lab will enable the farmers to get actual price for their products

The faculty members Dr. Binoy T Thomas & Dr. V P Thomas provide consultancy services in algal and angiosperm identification respectively.

Extension activities

We undertake the supply of hybrid varieties of coconut saplings to the members of Kudumbasree. Hands own training in mushroom cultivation is also conducting for the members of Kudumbasree. The department also organized a fruit exhibition- Pomum 2015. Students could collect and displayed more than 200 varieties of fruits.


The department is equipped with up-to-date addition of most recent books of all branches of plant science and is having a good reading facility. In addition, department has holding of rare books, journals and dissertation. PG classes are also having their own class room library.


Our botanical museum is having collections of plant materials to demonstrate diversity of plant forms, rare fossil collections, algal and fungal materials.

Botany Association

Department also gives more importance to the extracurricular achievement of the students. Every week, one hour programme is arranged to bring their talents.


1 M.K. Sivan Pillai 1971 B.Sc 1st Kerala University
2 Molly Ann Abraham 1973 M.Sc IInd Kerala University
3 M.K. Sivan Pillai 1973 M.Sc IIIrd Kerala University
4 C. Prakash 1980 M.Sc 1st Kerala University
5 S. Remadevi 1982 M.Sc 1st Kerala University
6 Raymol Mathew 1982 M.Sc IIIrd Kerala University
7 Sushama V. Nair 1983 M.Sc 1st Kerala University
8 Paul V. Karanthanam 1990 M.Sc 1st M.G. University
9 Deepthi A.S. 2002 M.Sc IVth M.G. University
10 Hima K.S. 2007 M.Sc IVth M.G. University
11 Hima K.S. 2009 M.Sc VIth M.G. University


    Dr.Philipose Omman

Sl No.
































2014, 2015




Phycotechnology Laboratory at Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany by Dr. Binoy T. Thomas

Phycotechnology Laboratory  at Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany, Catholicate College,Pathanamthitta by Dr. Binoy T. Thomas​

Kindly check the below link for the video:-


Ginger House at Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany -By Dr. V.P. Thomas

Ginger House at Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany, Catholicate College,Pathanamthitta  By Dr. V.P. Thomas​

Kindly check the below link for the video:-​


Project Description


Principal Investigator

Name of the Projects


Total amount

Agency& Order No. & Date


Dr. Philipose Omman

Investigation on the Inclination of Laticifers and Phoic Elements in Hevea Clones




F. No. 41-436/2012 (S.R) dated 16/07/2012

Dr. Thomas V.P. (Co-investigator)

Studies on the Pteridophytic flora of Peechi-Vazhani wild life sanctuary


20.32 Lakhs


No. 070/2014/


dated 15/05/2014


Dr.Nisha Joseph

Multiplication of ColubrinatravancoricaBedd. using Conventional and Biotechnological Tools




MRP(S) /13-14/KLM G016/UGC-SWRO

dated 15/02/2014

Dr. Sajish P.R

An assessment of plankton population of Achankovil River of Pathanamthitta, Kerala with special reference to the pollution status




1869-MRP/14-15/ KLMG016 UGC-SWRO


Dr. Thomas V.P

Phytochemical analysis Taxamonic Characterization and Ex-situ conversation of four endemic species of Amomum roxb in Western Ghats of India




MRP(S)-0601 /13-14/KLM G016/UGC-SWRO

dated 29/10/2015


Dr. Philipose Omman

Survey on Mother Palms in Pathanmthitta District in Kerala- Coconut Development Board



Coconut Development Board

F. No: 1590/2012-Sat.

dated 06/06/2012


Dr. Binoy T Thomas

The systematics and ecology of epiphyllous algae on different vegetation of Pathanamthitta District, Kerala




F. No. 30/SRSLS/2014/CSTE dated 29/10/2015

Dr.Thomas V.P.

Ethnobotanical Studies on Zingiberaceae of Kerala




F. No. 29/SRSLS/2014/CSTE dated 20/10/2015


Published Articles in National Journals

   Dr.Philipose Omman

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    Dr. Binoy T. Thomas

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    Dr. Sajish P.R

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    Dr. Nisha Joseph

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