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   Department of Zoology

The degree course in Zoology started in1964 and the M.Sc. coursein 1982. Since 1988 the Department has been approved as a ResearchCentre. The Department has completed 8 research projects. TheDepartment has two research guides. The Department has published 20 Research Publications in International journals and 105 papers in National journals. The Department has produced thirteen Ph.Ds. MOC management has selected the Department as the best Department of MOC Colleges. Shiva Sasidharan secured 1st rank, Ananya Girish P secured 6th rank and Adithya Biju secured 9th rank in in BSc Zoology 2022 Examination. Many students have qualified in CSIR -UGC examination. Four Research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D.degrees. The research students of the department have presented 12 research papers in international Seminar during the academic year 2019-20. The department was the only centre for M.Phil course in Zoology under Mahatma Gandhi University which was started in 2015 andproduced 9 M. Phil degrees. The department has run a Post doctoralFellowship for Dr.Binu K.S. under KSCSTE fellowship, report of whichhas been submitted. The department is a centre of Ph.D course work in Zoology. The major areas of research in the department are Fishery Biology, Mangrove Benthos, Avian Biology, Marine and Riverine Benthos, Taxonomy and Biodiversity of Zoologically important groups, PollutionEcology and Microbiology.The Department conducts various extension programmes since 2003 especially with regard to apiculture and has installed a beehive inthe Campus as a part of a training given to students in bee keeping practices, The department has conducted a Certificate Course in Ornamental Fish Farming, Breeding and Aquarium Management and inaugurated a Ornamental fishfarming and Breeding centre.Various programmes of relevance to public health and vector borne disease have been hosted in association with the State Health Department.