Post Graduate Department of Zoology has a good collection of specimen of every phyla 500 wet specimen and 200 dry specimen. Collection includes sufficient specimen belonging to every phyla of Animal Kingdom. Specimens of anatomy, developmental biology, osteology etc are also present in the museum. The most attractive feature of the museum is the jaw bones & vertebrae of Belanoptera (blue whale) collected long back from the inception of the department. Skull bones of different animals including elephant, carapace and plastron of turtles & skeletal frameworks of human, bullock and python are other attractive pieces in the museum. Fisheries science being the specialization of the department, there is a fairly good collection of fishes from different families and orders of the Superclass Pisces. The museum also stores specimen with taxidermy which are well secured and protected in the glass stand. Museum also has a good collection of corals and molluscan shells. Permanent slides of some microscopic organisms, serial sections of different organisms or their parts are also present in the museum.