Department Of Chemistry

There is really no discipline that is more tightly intertwined

The Department which started functioning in 1952 leaves past over 60 years of triumphant memories on commendable contributions made towards the smooth and successful course till to date. The Under graduate course began in 1957 and claims the credit of possessing two P.G courses namely ,Polymer Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry which were constituted in 1995. Students of the Department secured top ranks in Polymer Chemistry at the University level examinations adding glory and honour to the alma mater . The Department offers a UGC sponsored Add-on-Course in ‘Videography and Science Communication’ with students making valuable contributions in the field of public media and other illustrious areas. Extension activities of the Department include Know You River, Water Pollution and Control Measures , Plastic Free Campus, and the study of water pollution in River pampa and its remedies.

The Department takes pride in having twenty international papers presented and published in various reputed journals and conferences held across the globe. The Department publishes the annual publication 'Meson', a compilation of all the creative ideas and thoughts of the student. It also enjoys the credit of having a healthy departmental association of all the students and teachers called 'Daltons conclave' which caters to both academic and non academic aspect of every student. The Department is equipped with an excellent library and a reading room with books around 1500 in number. The minority students and those belonging to SC/ST enjoy the privilege of keeping books with them for at least about six months without any penalty to be remitted.

Courses Of Department

B.Sc. Chemistry

Mathematics Physics


M.Sc. Chemistry


M.Sc. Chemistry




Video Production and Science Communication

Add-on Course



Dr. Sunil Jacob

Head Of The Department


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Dr. Saino Hanna Varghese

M.Sc., Ph.D

Asst Professor

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Dr.Preethy Soosan Thomas

M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.

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Dr. Janey Mary Mathew


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Dr. Binoj K.K.

M.Sc. B. Ed., Ph.D

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Smt. Sumitha Tom

M.Sc, B.Ed

Asst Professor

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Dr. Jinu P.Y

M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D

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Dr. Nissy Ann Harry

M.Sc, Ph.D.

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Dr. Thomas Abraham

M.Sc,M.Phil, Ph.D.

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Dr. Sneha Jose E

M.Sc,B. Ed, Ph.D.

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Dr. Aswathy Joseph

M.Sc, Ph.D.

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Smt. Princy Susan Koshy

M.Sc. B.Ed NET

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Faculty Achievements


The Post Graduate Department of Chemistry in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Centre Organisation ,ISRO exhibiting on the key areas of Polymer Science in Space Applications models , in the College Auditorium. Mr.V.P.Balagangadharan and Dr. Dona Mathews, ISRO inaugurated the programme.


District Forest officer Sri.P.Pugazhanthi, IFS inaugurated the Shooting of the documentary on ‘Konni Eco Tourism Project.’Principal Dr.George Varghese, Prof.Madhu Eravankara, Prof.G.John, Prof.Mohan Varghese, Prof.Sunil Jacob, panchanyath member S.Sreenivasan, Forest Ranger Vismiju Viswanath, Prof. Rachel P Mathews, Prof.Elizabeth George were present on the occasion.


Hiroshima day was observed in the college under the auspicious of Department. Of Chemistry. Students and teachers took the Hiroshima pledge holding lighted candles spreading the message of International peace and Harmony.


The international year of chemistry celebrations were inaugurated on 18th March , 2011 by the manager HG Kuriakose Mar Clemis Metropolitan . The meeting was presided by Prof.Rachel. P. Mathews, HOD while Dr. George Varghese made the Principal’s remarks. Prof G. John, Dr.K J Mathew spoke on the occasion. The year was identified as the international year of chemistry.

A colloquium was organised on chemical science which was inaugurated by Dr. Vijay Nair, a luminent alumnus of our college and Asst. Director of RRL Trivandrum.


Ranks in MG University M. Sc Polymer chemistry Examination

  • Surya M.S. - 2nd rank 
  • Vrinda Murali - 3rd rank

Papers Published in International Journals by Faculty Members

  1. An innovative approach to brain tumour therapy, J. Medicinal chemistry, 7, 5, 488-503, 2011
  2. Enhancement of glucose sensing behaviour of cobalt tetraphenyl porphyrin using single wall carbon nano tubes J.Sensors and materials,23,6,355-345,2011
  3. Sensors based on carbon nano tubes and theit applications: A review Cuur. Nano Sci.6(4) 2010, 331-374
  4. Nano particulate material delivery to plants. J. Plant Sc.179(3) 154-163,2010.
  5. Blood compatibility of surface modified polythene tetraphthalate (PET) by Plasma Polymerised acetobromo α-D glucose.J. Medicinal chemistry,46(6) 527-544,2010
  6. Aptamer-labeled-PLGAnanoparticles for targeting cancer cells.J. Cancer Nanotechnology (Accepted) 2011 Dec. issue

Project Description

MoU with Industry

The Dept has made an MoU with the following Industries;

  1. Akay spices, spices industry, Pathanamthitta
  2. CFSC Changanacherry

Industrial Collaboration

The Department has a healthy academic collaborationwith the following Institutions;

  1. Small scale industry of Govt. of Kerala.
  2. CFSC, Changanacherry
  3. Amrutha vidyapeedom

Extension Activities

The expertise in the Knowledge on Chemistry is made available to certain other Industries which have strong ties with the Department so as to ensure a healthy and a social well being.

  1. DRC testing of Rubber latex
  2. Pollution testing in water

Academic Audit

The academic audit to ensure thestatus and the performance of the Dept. was conducted by Dr.N.V Unnikrishnan, Director,SPAP,MG University.