Department of Physical Education

There is really no discipline that is more tightly intertwined

The Department caters to the physical well-being of all students.Facilities for Games and Athletics are provided under the supervision of Qualified coaches.Intercollegiate Tournaments in Volleyball (Catholicate Trophy) and Football (Mar Philoxenos Memorial) and Softball (Mar Eusebius Trophy) are annual events. The Department has conducted a National Seminar on YOGA and STRESS Management in 2010.The Department has produced Twenty-One National Projects and Thirty-Six University Player.

Courses Of Department

Yoga and Stress Management

Add-on Course



Dr. Sosamma John

Head Of The Department

M.P.E., Ph.D.

0468 - 2325737

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Lt. Jijo K. Joseph

M.P.Ed., M.Phil

Asst Professor

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Faculty Achievements

Sports Hostel

A sports hostel for Volley Ball (Men) has been sanctioned by Kerala state sports council

Infrastructure development grant

A grant of Rs. 2.5.lakhs was sanctioned to the department for the infrastructure development of volley ball court by the Ministry of Youth affairs and sports council of Kerala.

Participation in National Level

  1. Soft ball (W)-7
  2. Base ball (M)-2

Participation in State Level

  1. Volley ball (Participation)-4
  2. Foot ball(Participation)-2

Participation in University Level

  1. Soft ball (M) - 8, Soft ball (w) - 6
  2. Base ball (M) -2, Base ball (W)-7
  3. Volley ball-(M)-2
  4. Foot ball-(2)

Participation in University Level

  1. Soft ball (M) - 8, Soft ball (w) - 6
  2. Base ball (M) -2, Base ball (W)-7
  3. Volley ball-(M)-2
  4. Foot ball-(2)

Selection to Indian Team

Bobin Varghese, Ist M.Com and Arya V.N, IIDC Hindi was selected to the Indian team for soft ball.

Add-on course

A career oriented UGC sponsored add-on programme on yoga and stress management is continuing this year too. The University awarded certificate for diploma and advanced diploma of the last years batch.

Fitness centre

A well equipped health club is functioning under the department

Achievements inIntercollegiate Tournaments

  1. The Catholicate College Volley ball team won the District Senior Volleyball Championship held at Janatha Stadium, Kozhencherry . The trophy for the winners was presented byAdv.Sivadasan Nair MLA.
  2. College Volley ball team also won the P.M. Mathew Kallumkathara Memorial All Kerala Volley Ball Tournaments held at Janatha Stadium Kozhencherry by defeating Baselios College, Kottayam. The Team received the trophy from the Panchayath president Sri.Binu Parapuzha.
  3. Winner of Mar Baselios Mathews II inter collegiate volley ball trophy

Papers published by faculty members in International /national journals

      Dr. Sosamma John

Papers published in national journals

  1. KGEES Journal
  2. Voice of sports

Papers presented in Inter National seminar

  1. Roots the revisiting of culture and history through literature (International seminar on English literature,held at Catholicate college pathanamthitta)

Papers presented in National seminar

  1. Topic “Attitude of students and the need of Yoga for children (St.Joseph’s College for Women, Allapuzha)
  2. Effect of selected Yoga core power iron yoga practices on strength flexibility and vital capacity among football players (St Aloysius College Edathua)

Project Description

National Seminar

A National seminar on recent trends in Physical education, Health education, Yogsa and stress management was conducted on Aug 13-15 2010 in the Mar Eusebius Hall.!50 delegates participated in the seminar

International seminar

A UGC sponsored international seminar on ‘Challenges of college and university students and their health, fitness and well being, was conducted in the Mar Eusebius Hall on Mar 2011

Minor Project

  1. Dr. Sosamma John: A UGC sponsored Minor project on effect of Yogic exercise and food habit on obesity and stress among selected working women

Appointment as Team Manager

Dr. Sosamma John was team manager on: 
- MG University team for south zone inter university tournament in Volley ball (women) held at Gwalior, 
- MG University for All India Inter University tournament for volley ball (women)held at Gwalior